DROPS Eskimo Felted bag

DROPS Eskimo Felted Bag

With the Drops Felting sale on I really thought it was time to give felting a go, so here is my first attempt and I have to say I’m very pleased with the outcome. I decided on this pattern, but I wanted to add a bit of colour work to it so I used the A2 chart from another DROPS Design pattern called Crisp Air Sweater. This is an 8 stitch repeat so worked beautifully across the 40sts. The pattern was written for DROPS Alaska but I used DROPS Eskimo which is slightly thicker both yarns are felt-able.

Incorporating the 3 colours I worked out roughly where I needed to change colour by making the back and the front of the bag 33cm long and the flap at the front 16cm, giving the overall length of 82cm as in the pattern.

I found I used nearer 200gr of wool but this could be due to the fair isle pattern and the carrying of the yarn over the 8 rows.

The handle I plaited as per pattern and this I was thrilled with how it turned out.

After sewing the sides of the bag up and attaching the handle I washed the bag on a 40C wash.( a little nervously I have to say!)

Before felting the bag measured 28cm x 33cm and after felting 26cm x 23.5cm and the handle had shrunk to 70cm from 120cm. So according to the pattern the handle was spot on and the bag didn’t shrink quite as much as expected, this is probably due to the thicker yarn.

After drying thoroughly I attached a wooden toggle and leather loop for fastening. I was amazed at the transformation of the fabric and love the feel of the finished item.