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  1. February 16, 2021

    DROPS Eskimo is now DROPS Snow

    DROPS Eskimo yarn is now DROPS Snow!

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  2. April 13, 2020

    Yarn Dying – DO TRY THIS AT HOME!

    Rosarios4 dye kit

    Yarn Dying – DO TRY THIS AT HOME!


    A few weeks ago as the world was heading for lockdown, and I ridiculously thought I might get a teeny bit more

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  3. March 06, 2020

    Guest post by Anne-Michelle Phelan, Thread Softly Designs.

    Anne-Michelle Phelan,

    Thread Softly Designs

    My first pair of knitting needles ca

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  4. February 11, 2020

    DROPS Eskimo Felted bag

    DROPS Eskimo Felted Bag

    With the Drops Felting sale on I really thought it was time to give felti

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  5. January 28, 2020

    Kinnegad Knitting and Crochet Group

    Kinnegad Knitting and Crochet Group Wedsnesday morings 10-12 (term time only) at Kinnegad Eastwae Centre. Cost €4.50. All skill levels welcome.

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  6. November 11, 2019


    Guest Blog Spot by Jan Crinion of WowKnitsByJan


    My name is Jan, and I’m the Senior Knitter at WowKnitsByJan …..actually, I’m the only Knitter at WowKnitsByJan! There’s a te

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  7. November 08, 2019

    Guest blog by Caz Riddick of Boann Wool Craft.

    An Introduction to Naalbinding.

    Nalbinding is an ancient and endangered craft that was brought to us by the Vikings and used during the Viking age 793-1066 AD. Fragments have been found

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  8. October 11, 2019

    Guest blog by Karen of Karen Hanlon Cohrt Knit Designs

    Guest Blog By Karen Of Karen Hanlon Cohrt Knit Designs.

    Hi everyone and welcome to the first gues

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  9. October 01, 2019

    Christmas Stocking Pattern

    Nothing looks better hanging on the mantel piece at Christmas than a handmade stocking. This beautiful knitted stocking is so easy to make your going to love it.

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  10. September 26, 2019

    Autumn table decoration.

    Some Autumn inspiration for you using a variety of our yarns.

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