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About Woolly Castle

My aim is to make this as much your wool shop as mine. I want Woolly Castle to be the place you come to buy the best quality wool you want, at a competitive price and without having to shop outside of Ireland. I know the excitement of choosing a project then the agonising wait for the materials to arrive. This is why its set that you can only order what I have in stock.

I also know what its like to fill a basket only to faint when you see the postage cost. In order to keep these costs down, your wool may arrive vacuum packed to keep the package within the large envelope dimensions - but, never fear... The minute air enters the package your fluffy wool will regain its original bounce. For those larger orders (see Delivery and Postal Charges for details) postage and packing is free.

If you can’t find what your looking for please contact me and I’ll try my best to get it in for you. Most importantly if I am presenting products in a way that’s not easy for you to navigate or I can do something better please tell me, you will be thanked for your input.

We all started somewhere and no question is silly, please reach out and I will do what I can to help you with your projects. If I don’t know the answer I’ll do my best to find it.

I want Woolly Castle to be awesome and I can only do that with your help.

Thank you, I look forward to getting to know you.

About Me

I grew up in the UK and moved to Ireland approximately 16 years ago. I’ve 4 kids two of which have special needs. Like many families I’ve had my tough times and knitting/crochet has kept me sane (well, relatively).

I am fortunate enough to come from a family of crafters. Me? I’m a long time crocheter but fairly new knitter.

Everyone in my family past and present enjoyed multiple crafts as hobbies. The men in my family can all knit and I have vivid and treasured memories of being a wee girl (probably wearing an outfit made by one of my Nans) sitting with my Grandpa watching him knit a new cardigan or jumper. My mum knits every day and takes a project wherever she goes and my Dad sews and paints (he even has his own model making page on YouTube: Mr Bob’s Builds).

When I was young, there was always wool in our house, and lots of it. Wool shops was a game I played with my Nan (she’s now in her mid 90’s and still proud of her stash). My Mum’s ambition was to open a wool shop but that never came to pass. I guess it’s in my genes, simple as that!

My Mum, Jane, is still in the UK but she’s right here with me at Woolly Castle, many of the blog posts will be written by her and she is my test knitter. No ball of wool will be here unless it has her approval.

I’d love everyone to experience what peace and joy a small ball of wool can bring.

That’s why Woolly Castle was created: to share my passion with you.